This post is not a technical one.  This is a personal note dedicated to my Grandmother, Louise Sawyer, who passed away last month.  She was 90 and she is deeply missed by the family.  

When you have a monumental life moment such as this, it is a reminder that there is a REAL world out there worth connecting to.  Now all too often, people have their eyeballs glued to the big screen of TV or PC or the little text screen of their cell or smart phones.    We get caught up in our speedy tech and the absolute coolness of it.

Just don't forget to get caught up in the absolute coolness of friends and family and the real life outdoors that you can live every day without tech and without commentary.  You really don't need to know what the Kardashians are doing or who is with who in the celebrity world....Wars and car chases and a media that turns a family's tragedy into a "news story" in an attempt to get you to watch is not what life is all about.  Most of you know this...but for the one or two who have paused to ponder this thought.  GET OFF LINE AND GET OUTSIDE!  GO KISS YOUR GRANDMOTHER!

xo to Louis Sawyer "a kiss on the cheek might be nice" 
8/14/2010 09:48:29 am

Thoughts and prayers as you remember the fine person Grandma Sawyer was - and still is in your heart.


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