I haven't updated my post in a long, long time - which i guess is some violation of web ettiquette.   I should have "FRESH" updates for you all the time.  But guess what - when things are great, and they don't change that much - then you don't need new technobabble for the sake of technobabble.

I will tell you this - Sonos is the best multiroom solution out there.    It's the hardware you use to get music playing throughout your house without some really complicated set up.  You can really set this up yourself pretty easily.  www.sonos.com and watch their video.  If you are an iPod Touch or iPhone user, you can control your Sonos system from one of those devices!  I actually like this solution over buying the Sonos controller because you can touch-type your song selections versus scroll-typing. 

For the music to play through your system, I still use (and prefer) the Rhapsody service as my primary music library -- it's all about streaming baby!  You don't need to buy individual tracks to get your music; you simply subscribe & then you can dial up any tune you want, any time you want!   Any playlist you want!!  New & old!!   You can also connect your MP3 player and take this music TO GO.      One other note - yes, you can connect your personal library of tunes as well and stream it through the Sonos.  Want more info or want to know how? Send me your question!

Do you know about PANDORA?  It's an internet radio service - only you make the station!!  You pick a tune - let's say you are old school and you want to hear Captain & Tenille.  Ok, so you type that in, and wah-la!  A new radio station plays not only C&T tunes, but similar artists from that era and new era tunes TOO.  GREAT. And you don't have to sit there and pick the tunes -- it does it for you and you can give it the thumbs up or down to get the station dialed in just right to your tastes.