In this post, I will just introduce you to my favorites.  In later posts, I will go into more about the specifics of the services/products and why I think they are tops.

Let me start here - So many of you have been sucked in by the iPod phenom!   That's great - I used to work for Apple (for 10 years baby), and I love the products, coolness, etc.  I don't love the proprietary nature of the tech though.  In other words, Apple's iTunes/iPod might as well be a "my way or the highway" approach to music.  You have to buy each tune like you were buying an old 45 rpm record; Apple uses it's own file format which is not necessarily compatible with other music players; they don't yet offer streaming capability - so you are building your own library one tune at a time.   THAT said - DAMN COOL STUFF!   They revolutionized the music listening experience and really paved the way for what is now the coolest way to listen & share tunes! Bravo & thanks Apple!

One of the things I learned while I worked at Apple, was the notion of being Maverick.  At the time, you were considered one if you worked there or used the products - because, the Apple Mac & other products "just weren't the norm".  Hey - guess I am still a Maverick and Apple is now the mainstream.

I am a fan of a of streaming music services!   When I am B-O-R-E-D with my music library - I can just add more stuff to it, ditch what I don't want to listen anymore.  BUT hey, if I get nostalgic and want that old tune again, I can just search for it and add it back into my list!   Now that is FLEXIBILITY.

So here's what I use & recommend to my friends:   I use a combination of RHAPSODY (I pay 15 bucks a month for access to a 2 million+ library of music; specifically the "Rhapsody to Go" subscription) and PANDORA (a cool service that builds radio stations based on your musical tastes - more on that later). 

To play these services - at home, I stream the music through my stereo system using SONOS wireless system and for my personal MP3 player, I used the Sansa Rhapsody - a player designed from the ground up to work with Rhapsody and the to-go service.  I can plug this in to my ear buds, my car or any stereo device that has a 1/8 jack.

That's the fave list.   Check back later as I will add elaborate on Rhapsody & Sonos as my first follow up blogs.  Now, if you use these already, add your thoughts now!  Don't wait for my next post!


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