I recently moved into a new home that has it ALL!  OMG!  This is a tech geeks dream house let me tell you!  There are four LCD monitors and multiple receivers - today, I will just cover the home theatre set up.

The house came with a private, fully enabled home theatre!  YEE-HAW!!  Since after all, I am a GIRLTechician - I am going to start with the estethics....The theatre itself is painted in "Cabin Red" - the only color, that when the lights are dimmed, looks totally black and non-reflective. (And yes, the lights are on a dimmer!)  There is a handsome half-wall-height walnut trim around the room for a very finished look.  I am told by a very good source, that the "Cabin Red" paint color is the color of choice for most public theatres.   The matching "theatre quality" carpet is old-school red with black swirly designs that you probably saw in the first real movie theatre you went to as a kid.    Next, it has a set of six VERY comfy, black leather theatre chairs.  They are fully automated for reclining!   There is a wine-tasting room just off the theatre for those who simply get bored with all the great movies!  It can be really hard to choose with room to hang out in!!

Front and center is the  65" Sharp Aquos LCD TV; the room has a killer sound output through a KEF speaker set with sub-woofer (this is what you will find in the IMAX theatre).  It fills the room with true theatre surround sound - I mean you need to be ready for this so you don't jump out of the chair when glass breaks or something!  The room was "Chirped" and is fully dialed in for IMAX quality sound!   My favorite room is not the theatre itself, not the wine-tasting room, nope - it's the little tech room that houses the AV gear!  I go in there and I feel like the Wizard of Oz!  I can spend lots of time in there tweaking away while guests enjoy a movie!

The A/V Gear in the tech room:
The A/V receiver is the core of the operation, a Pioneer Elite.   Connected to that is a Sony 400 disk DVD changer and a DirectTV DVR/Receiver.  To accomodate "old school footage" there is a GoVideo combo VHS/DVD player.  This room also is the hub for all home connectivity which I added in myself.  So you will find a LinkSys N router; a Vonage router and a SlingBoxPro HD.

Let's take a breath & come back tomorrow for more details on this room.  I am gonna go watch a movie!

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