Yesterday it was announced that the last company on earth to produce typewriters, has discontinued manufacturing them.   A moment of silence please, for the death of this once life changing technology.

Ok, that's enough of that --- And with lightening speed of the technology era, let's move on to the topic at hand - My Geekfest at Starbucks!

I woke up this morning and decided to "launch" my new GirlTechnician services by spending the morning at Starbucks in Dana Point - heck, I am a regular anyway, but usually via the Drive Thru.  So regular in fact, that they know me by name and sometimes hook me up with a freebie! (You do not want to know what I spend at Starbucks, but those finance book writer guys would have a field day with my investment!).

I dawned my "Geek Girl" sweatshirt, one of my last purchases from the Microsoft Company store, packed my bag of portable tech and headed out the door!  Just a minute from home, I was at my office-of-the-morning by 7:10am.    I grabbed a highly visible parking spot, so that my fellow drive thru buddies would see my car, now decked out with my VistaPrint car door magnets that say "GirlTechnician" with a very bold red likeness of my phone number. 

As I got ready to go in and make camp, I tucked a few business cards into the corner of the door magnets, so interested parties could get a hold of me later.  I didn't really have a "launch plan" so to speak, just decided that it would be an interesting social experiment for myself to see if sitting in a Starbucks, using my car as a billboard would net any interesting business opportunity for some little consumer side business!  So far, one person needs help with a router.  My fee would be higher than the cost of a new one...

Now here's the thing that I wasn't expecting to do this morning.  A social experiment on my own use of tech.   I was thinking I would pull out the tech for "show" to be the Geek my shirt says I am and invoke some geekspeak with fellow Starbuckian coffee addicts!   I have a MacBook Air (running OSX this morning), Samsung Galaxy Tab and my iPhone with me.   Oh, and a regular, paper-based tablet notebook/calendar that I use a REAL ink pen to write with to capture those momentary inspirations or take down a phone number real quick-like.

As a warm up to my day, I thought it would be great to pick up a USA Today and read first while enjoying my Venti Vanilla Non-Fat Latte (which is actually making me fat I think) and ease into the morning with a little news refresher.   What actually happened though, is that I became bored with the paper almost immediately, and grabbed my iPhone to check mail, Tweet my whereabouts and then, oddly - I began reading a few news stories on my tiny little iPhone screen!!  (In all fairness to me, I grabbled my iPhone to use the Microsoft Tag app to see what the Tag was all about on the front page of the paper.  Now, ask yourself - why the heck is USA Today trying to distract readers from the REAL paper that they make money from by having them use their phone to link to a website that might have a couple of pictures and the same news story.   Hmm.  What is the marketing brilliance here?  I must be out of it...)   

Anyway - I caught myself with the paper sprawled across the table, and yet I was reading my iPhone.  I thought this must look ridiculous and so I went back to the paper.   Again, within minutes - I was lured back to the iPhone because I got a text, but soon found myself checking the stock prices, which led to another news story.   Then I noticed someone Tweeted me (I am a new Tweeter).  Dang.    Back to the paper.   The only thing that really caught my eye in the paper, was the Tablet advertisement from HP about their new Windows based Slate offering for $799.   I think I'll try to get a hold of a few of these various tablet devices and review them here.  But I digress...

So what am I learning?   Papers are really boring to me now.  They don't hold my interest in any way, shape or form.   I find that i prefer reading on a tech device so that I can follow my interests to related stories or look up something from the story, that I don't understand or want further information about.     I found that my primary device for this, despite having a tablet here at my disposal is still my phone.   Maybe that small screen is just perfect for my now-small attention span!!

In either case - the move to e-Reading has been underway for quite some time.   The Kindle and the iPad have really kicked this into high gear.   There are so many advantages to doing your reading this way, and again - if you are a student, it's a no brainer.   All your books and your notes in one device!   Heck, this is going to kill books, papers and even the professional organizer industry since they won't need to help people like me organize their papers!!!

A moment of advance silence for the impending death of the pulp-based news-delivery medium...  GT is sad about this, since I come from a long line of newspaper publishers, while not for everyone, the advantages are significant.   This is the way of the now and the way of the future.

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