Let's face it.  GT likes things FAST & STYLISH.   I like my computers to be fast, I like my boat to be fast, I like my cars to be fast and they all have to be cool, look good and be extremely functional. 

 I am also VERY passionate about this world we live in, the environment needs our attention.  I am really passionate about great jobs too -- ones that are in service to others and our environment.

I support impacting the END of POLLUTION; ENDING our reliance on FOSSIL fuels, and hense the end of  the fight about DRILLING for oil off our beautiful shores or in protected national treasures such as our National Parks...it helps us end our hostage arrangement with the middle east.  If you love the outdoors and environment, make a new year's resolution to ACT.  Your car is a good place to start!

There are some really awesome cars out now, and you know what?  EVERYONE should get one. What would life be like if we all were driving cool and efficient cars.   They may be an expensive upfront purchase, but KEEP IT for 10 years like GT does.  I never rotate my car before 10 years.  I buy great cars, that are high quality, cool - fast of course -  and I commit to keeping.  Do we really need to 

Here are some GT favorites  - my personal goal is to buy one of these cars by year end, so I gotta work hard!
  • TESLA motors offers several all electric cars that offer amazing performance.  They are about to release the Model S - a BEAUTIFUL car that will be about $70,000 with a range of 300+ miles.  Now, if you committ to keeping it for 10 years, like I do -- this car cost you 7K a year.  It's only $6 to "fill it up" for your 300 mile drive.  HELLO?  What don't you get about that math and the great green streak you will leave in your wake!
  • The FISKER Karma is gorgeous and green.  A primarily electric vehicle, with a sport mode that uses a small gas engine to extend range.  Another sport sedan that is truly a gorgeous driving machine.
  • You can be GREEN in an SUV too.   I like the Volkswagen Toureg TDI -- Clean Diesel.  Great performance and NO, it doesn't sound like one of those old klackyity-klack diesels.  You will LOVE any of Volkswagen's TDI offerings.
  • Those are my favs -- learn more at  http://www.greencarreports.com/ on all things green car!

Happy New Year everyone!

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