The Apple iPad2 is a nearly perfect computing device, as Leo Leporte "The Tech Guy" said last week on his radio program.   Apple truly shifted the market with the original iPad, and the newest offering ups the anty significantly.   Some believe that the tablet market will ultimately crush the laptop/desktop computing environment.   Remember that pundits thought laptops signaled the death of the desktop - which didn't ultimately come to pass.  What it did was reduce the price of desktops, and there are those that are more comfortable with a specific spot in the house or office to do their work.  What also happened, is that some people chose to have both a desktop and a laptop.   These devices all have a place and will remain viable, even necessary components in your tech investment.

Tablets and variations of these devices will ultimately become a significant sales line item, most likely the fastest growing for the manufacturers who develop them.   Apple has a significant lead in this market, and competitors will really need to work hard to match the elegance, ease of use and add a differentiator if they want to be a real contender.   Most will use a lower price as their differentiator.

I have both an Apple iPad2 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab, which runs the Android OS.  I have Macs & PC's at home - and I use them mostly to learn so I can help you make great decisions on what devices would best suit your needs and so I can show you how to get the most from the device once you acquire it.

I can tell you from experience, that it is better to make the right investment in your tech - not based on dollars, but based on usability and what you really want to do with the device.  

Students have the most to gain from using devices like iPad - with the ability to download their textbooks, make highlights and notes on screen - these devices become not only powerful content delivery tools, but study tools that will really add interest and value to their learning experience.

I will take time to review these devices in a bit more detail -- but it's a beautiful sunny day here in Dana Point, CA!   My resident mocking bird has been singing for a solid 3 hours now (fortunately it's a good song!) - so I am going to join him in enjoying the beautiful day away from the screen!!

Take care & HOPPY EASTER!

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